Meet Us

The Calloo is the online home of Brittany Pladek and Jonathan Abresch. It’s a collaborative, creative space where we will share words, share pictures, share thoughts.

Calloo is a Scottish word for the Long-tailed Duck (Clangula hyemalis), who you see up above. Years ago, when we’d walk around the Leslie Street Spit in Toronto, we’d delight in the grumpy voice, beautiful plumage, and diving prowess of the long-tailed duck. They come together in great flocks in the waters of Lake Ontario, and during the winter months they’re one of the few birds you see regularly. They’re friends in cold times.

We encountered the word calloo in Keith Bosley’s translation of the Kalevala for Oxford. “This is how the luckless feel / how the calloos think— / like hard snow under a ridge / like water in a deep well.” The fact that callooh appears as a nonsense word in “Jabberwocky” is a happy coincidence.

Poetry, nature, walks—we hope to share all this, and more, with you. Expect variety. This is a friendly, open space.

Welcome to The Calloo!