Slim Cessna’s Auto Club: The Commandments According to SCAC

That this album is excellent pleases me no end.

See, I’ve loved Slim Cessna’s Auto Club since I first saw them at Ottawa BluesFest almost 15 years ago. They’ve been one of my favourite bands that whole time, a delightful mix of country, gospel and rock with a theatrical, gothic flavour and lyrics that tell funny, surreal stories. Not only are the Auto Club one of the best bands I’ve ever seen live, but their albums are of the highest quality. That is, they were until their last one, Unentitled (2011). Unentitled is fine, but uninspired, “A Smashing Indictment of Character” excepted. It feels like a blend of old elements that’d worked before melted down and hammered into familiar shapes. I feared the well had gone dry, and five years passed without a new album.

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