Bouquet • Kickapoo

Brittany and I took a trip to the Kickapoo Valley Reserve and Wildcat Mountain State Park in western Wisconsin. It was absolutely beautiful, even though it rained almost the whole time. The Kickapoo River is noted for how much it meanders, and its valley contains many ecosystems with rare plants and animals. We arrived in time to witness the second wave of wildflowers. Here are some pictures!

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Spring Ephemerals

When we lived in Nova Scotia, Brittany and I would visit the salt marshes of Cole Harbour to walk around and watch birds. Once, we were on our way back to the bus stop when we passed an old man looking down at the ground right off the trail. We asked him what he was looking at.

"Mayflowers," he said. And he leaned down, lifted a leathery green leaf and showed us a cluster of beautiful, fragrant rosettes.

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