Lucy GIF Party!

Lucy is our cat, and she is the best cat. Sorry, but it's true! We got her from a local no-kill shelter, Second Hand Purrs, about ten months ago. She just turned five years old.

But that's enough introduction. I love taking Live Photos of Lucy with my iPhone and making them into GIFs using the Motion Stills app. Here's a bunch of Lucy GIFs!

The first one is from the very first day she was brought to her new home. She would hide behind two bookshelves, nervous and unhappy. But she's a sweetie, and soon warmed up to us.  


Look at that paw! When we were visiting the shelter, she reached out to us from inside her cage with that cute little paw. We were smitten. And within two nights of being in her new home, she was sleeping on our bed.


Every morning when we wake up, and often before we wake up, she likes to climb on our chests and have a good pet. She has a quiet purr, and she drools when she's relaxed.


Yes, it's a tough life being Lucy. Between the begging for snacks, the watching of birds, the chasing of toys, and the lounging like a sphinx, she gets all tuckered out.


Time for a twitchy nap on our sofa.


But behind that docile exterior lies the heart of a huntress. Her favourite toys have been, in order, a fluffy chicken, a catnip-filled beaver, and a piece of yarn. She chooses enemies wisely.

Here's her attacking the chicken.


Vicious! We tried to hide the chicken from her, but despite our best efforts, Lucy appears.


Eventually she bit and tore and shook and pawed the chicken to the point that it is no more than a single black feather. One of her favourite places to hide is under our bedsheets. Here's Lucy attacking the remnants of her chicken from undercover.


Lucy, the Huntress! 


Even high on top of a bookshelf, Lucy will hunt. 


Her feline hunting instincts come out the strongest when faced with her most fearsome opponent: tape. Yes, the plastic sticky stuff. It piques her pica. When we open a package, Lucy comes dashing. Here she is, showing a box who's boss.


After all that hunting, who wouldn't be thirsty? 


Whoops! That didn't work! Lucy, however, is a quick learner. 


That's more like it. After a sip, it's time for a clean. 


And then it's back to pure bliss.